Stock Slogans – Homecoming

These stock slogans are available for printing on the back side of the acrylic keytags (Item #KT-Ticket) or acrylic keytag specials (Item #KT-Special) without incurring an additional $30 die/setup fee. There is a 15¢ per keytag run charge for printing the slogan. Please contact us for prices of slogans on a metal keytag.

Homecoming Slogans for Keytags

27. Homecoming

28. All students must bring photo I.D.

Check-in: 7-9 pm
No one admitted after 9 pm
Guests must have photo ID

74. Ticket
Homecoming ticket #74
75. Homecoming
Homecoming with stars #75
Appropriate Dress
All School Rules Apply
No Jeans or T-shirts

84. Dance Ticket
Dance Ticket #84
108. Check-In From 7:00 – 8:00 PM
Check-In Slogan #108
109. No Admittance after 7 p.m.
No Admittance #109
110. No Entry After 8:00 P.M.
No Entry #110
111. No Entry After 8:30PM
No Entry #111
112. No Admittance after 9:30pm
No Admittance #112

H-1. Homecoming King
H-2. Homecoming Queen
H-3. Homecoming Court