Stock Slogans with art

These stock slogans with art are available for printing on the back side of the acrylic keytags (Item #KT-Ticket) or acrylic keytag specials (Item #KT-Special) without incurring an additional $30 die/setup fee. There is a 15¢ per keytag run charge for printing the slogan. Please contact us for prices of slogans on a metal keytag.

Click links to see images of stock slogans with art

39. A Night Under the Stars – with admit one and scattered stars art
40. One Chance – with dice art
41. A heart with cupid art
42. A card – Five of Hearts
43. Love, Eternity, Peace – with Chinese symbols above each word
45. Kissing Fish art
46. A Winter’s Getaway – with scattered snowflakes art
50. Mask #D78 art
51. Film and Stars art
52. Palm Tree art
53. Heart and Rose art
54. Eiffel Tower art
60. Jungle Mystique – with palm tree art and scattered stars art
65. Catch Your Dream – with snowflakes
66. Sunset Paradise – with palm tree and island art
67. Parisian Masquerade – with #54 Eiffel Tower art
68. Wizard of Oz – with Scarecrow, Tinman, and Dorothy art
71. Casino with #P1186 dice and stars art
72. Red Carpet Affair on a clapboard
73. Circus Tent art
78. Cap and Diploma art
79. Snowflake art
80. Egyptian art with Sphinx, Pyramid, and Couple
81. Mask #P12 art
83. Tweety Bird art
84. Ticket with Dance Ticket and Admit One
86. Candy Land – with Suckers and Candy art
87. Peacock art
88. An Evening in Paris – with Eiffel Tower and Stars art
89. Ram art
90. Never Let Go with Titanic art
91. New York with New York Skyline art
92. Batman Logo
93. Vintage Hollywood – in a star
95-A. The Worlds Not Ending    We’re Just Taking Over – with exploding world art & straight-line text
95-B. The Worlds Not Ending    We’re Just Taking Over – with exploding world art & slanted text
96. Film Reel and Stars art
97. Long City with Stars art
98. Midnight In The Garden with A590 couple art
100. 1 Night 2 Remember with Moon & Stars art
101. Red Carpet Event with Red Carpet art (2 styles)
102. The Red Carpet with Red Carpet & Ropes art (2-color print)
103. A Night on the Red Carpet / Admit one with Red Carpet art
104. Paw art
105. A Cinderella’s Ball with clock-castle-stairway art
106. Dance Another Day ‘007 with spy art (2-color print)
108. Check-In From 7:00 – 8:00 PM with Admit One