Tips & Ideas

As a member of your prom or homecoming planning committee, your job is to come up with a memorable theme. We are here to help you uniquely present that theme on your chosen favor. Below are some tips and ideas to make your event even more memorable. We have included some fundraising ideas.

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  1. Check our theme list for theme ideas for your Homecoming or Prom event
  2. Place your order at least 60 days in advance so you have plenty of time. Our production time ranges from 1-3 weeks depending on the item ordered. By ordering early you may avoid problems with any unforeseen delays or item being out of stock or paying extra charges for rush services.
  3. Open boxes immediately upon arrival and take inventory of items based on your order.
  4. Use keytags as tickets. It eliminates having to print tickets, plus they carry them on their key chains or backpacks, which is great PR for your school.
  5. Sell your keytag tickets in advance to cover expenses.
  6. Number your keytags:
    1. To keep track of ticket sales.
    2. To give away door prizes – If you require students to stay until a certain time of night make it fun to motivate them to stay at the Prom, or Homecoming Dance. Give away prizes throughout the night. At the end of the night give away a grand prize. Also, give away prizes at the After Prom/Post Prom Party to encourage students to stay at the party.
  7. Find a sponsor for your keytags and place an ad on the back of the keytag. They may cover the cost of your keytag or a portion of it. Make sure you order extra to give to your sponsor.
  8. Ask your local organizations like Students Against Drunk Driving to sponsor your keytag if you have “Don’t Drink and Drive Slogan” on the back of the keytag. We have several stock “Don’t Drink and Drive” slogans that may include SADD or you may create your own.
  9. Ask your local “Say No to Drugs” or DARE organizations or the local police department to sponsor your keytags with their name and logo on the back of your keytag.
  10. Order extra favors for your sponsors and chaperons.
  11. Request keytag samples to help you choose the “just right” keytag.
  12. Have mints scattered on the table. No one has to limit themselves on what they have for dinner (like onion soup or garlic bread).
  13. Your favors can double as table decorations. Place a frame or glass at each place setting and accent with confetti and metallic shreds. Concerned about using glass items – consider one of our plastic light-up or glow stemware and mugs to add sparkle to your table decorations.
  14. Order glasses early for Prom and receive a 10% discount.
  15. Sell photo albums a week after your event. Insert photos of highlights during the night, the king and queen coronation, but leave lots of space for students to put in their won photos. Profits can be used for next year’s prom or homecoming.
  16. Ask a local bank, insurance company or other business to sponsor wallet diplomas or graduation keytags for the graduating seniors. Their logo and congratulatory message is on the back.
  17. Do not hesitate to contact Customer Assistance as soon as you have any questions.
Fundraising Ideas:
  1. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Event – An effective fundraiser is to have a local store donate hot dogs and buns and sell a package meal of a hot dog, chips and a drink.
  2. Car Wash – Spice it up with the marching band playing for customers.
  3. Recycled Bottle, Can or Ink Cartridge Drive
  4. Bake Sale
  5. Ice Cream Social
  6. Book Sale (Everyone has used books they would donate) or a Music Sale (Again it’s and opportunity for people to donate cds, cassettes and albums.)
  7. Lawn or Garage Sale
  8. Gift Wrap Table for the holidays
  9. Flower Sales at Christmas, Sweetest Day, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Valentines Dance, Prom or other events
  10. Walk-a-thon
  11. Contests such as entry fees for last-dancer standing contest or entry fees for cooking contest
  12. Raffle – Raffle off donations from local businesses or do a 50/50 raffle where money is the prize. People pay for tickets and the winner receives half the money collected. The other half goes to your fundraiser.
  13. Auction Night – Ask local businesses and private donors for donations.
  14. Host a school wide talent show. Get parents and teachers involved and let them strut their stuff while the kids sit in the audience.
  15. Pet Pageant – Give the students and community a chance to show off their pets by hosting a pageant. Have a panel of “judges”, several competitions and a prize for the winners (doggie bones and catnip should suffice). The entry fees are yours to keep.
  16. Sell Stadium Cups – Help cut down on wasted paper and make a profit, too. Order stadium cups imprinted with your school name and mascot, and implement a benefit package that will prompt student to purchase the cups. Work out a deal with the school cafeteria and a few local restaurants so that when a student presents the cup, he or she will receive a discount on a soda refill.